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Welcome to our ezine (on-line magazine) designed to provide a look at great rides and adventures in Canada, introduce great people, and pass along quirky and useful information. Excuse us if we miss some.  Our staff still have many roads to ride and regions to discover!  Our creative team will add adventures as we find them and invite you to contact us with your own great rides. We are not noted ‘experts’ or professional riders.  We are quite simply folks who love to travel, to experience, to write, to photograph and to share our passions.
Check out the links to the left.  Hover over each one with your mouse and it will drop down choices within that category. Click one that titillates, and enjoy a look at the opportunities for exploring - be it close to home, or on a road-trip. These are just a few of the hundreds of great rides and experiences found in Canada...stretches of road that encompass special elements and great touring opportunities.  Our writers tell their stories and include details like what they enjoy, special stops worth visiting, what makes them unique and even safety tips, like watch the loose gravel in Prince Edward Island lighthouse parking lots.  We have even included a bit of ‘how-to’ info - such as how to photograph your bike.
Readers (or is it viewers?) are encouraged to let us know about your own grand adventures and even submit a story and photos for consideration by our staff. Contact information is below the masthead.
We do ask your indulgence if you find things have changed.  Our writers and photographer cannot redo trips each year - they are off exploring new venues. This site is a labour of love, not profit. We also offer no guarantees about anything more than our own observations.  These are - simply put - the opinions and view of individuals who are willing to share.  Having said that, we keep our standards high and retain the right to accept or NOT accept any submissions received.
So with the formalities out of the way - please go exploring in our site and enjoy our take on touring.
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